We are a small full-service building design firm established in 1997 by Arthur Tan. Practicing as a building design professional for 25 plus years, he has vast experiences in design of residential, commercial, and institutional structures. He is a licensed Structural Engineer, Civil Engineer, and General Contractor in the State of California. Please download a copy of his resume for additional information.

We start the design process by carefully listening to our clients' needs, and then we apply the 'Goldilocks principle' in our design...'Not too hot, not too cold, just right'. Also having extensive hands-on experiences in construction, we understand the detail facets of the construction process. Our design solutions always maintain the architectural design intents while being practical and cost-effective.

The following is a partial list of the designers and builders we have collaborated with.

Alex Bergtraun, Studio Bergtraun Architects
Russ Dotter, Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture
Sady Hayashida, Hayashida Architects
Thayer Hopkins, Thayer Hopkins Architect
Maureen Jochum and David Jochum, Jochum Architects
Victor Kim, Victor Kim Architecture & Planning
Erick Mikiten, Mikiten Architecture
Amy Wong Nunes, Sunnyhill Studio
Jim Orjala, Orjala Architects
Kit Ratcliff
John Richards, F. John Richards Architect
Megan Riera, MARS Architecture
Kathryn A. Rogers, Sogno Design Group
Norman Sanchez, Norman Sanchez Architecture & Design
Whitney Sander, Whitney Sander Architect
Janet Tam, Noll & Tam Architects
Tony Tam, Cartmell/Tam Architects
Mark Topetcher, Topetcher Architecture
Andrew Woolman, Woolman Architecture
Ken Yamamoto, H & Y Architects, Inc.

Christian W. Behrendt, Bison Builders
Peter Downey, Peter Downey Construction
Changiz Fizbakhsh, Suf Construction
Chris Hagen, Chris Hagen Construction
Eli Israel, Integrity Remodeling
Steve Joynes, Joynes Construction
Kathy Kovell, Big Red Construction
Tom Lawrence, Lawrence Construction
Tom Ratcliff, Ratcliff Construction
Chris Sanchez, Nordby Construction
Scott Stroud, Noble Builders
Stephen Swan, Swan Building & Design
Sigurd L. Szerlip, Castle Craftsmen
Thomas Taylor, Taylor's Nailers
Brooks Weitzman, Classic Construction Company

We are available to meet in person to speak with you in more detail about our qualifications and how we may be of service to your organization.